Salty-Sweet PopCorn

For many decades, films and documentaries have been speaking about natural disasters. Lately, a new tendency related to climate change has been raised. However, the attitude of human being remains untouched on an egoistic cycle of extreme consumption and waste. These facts are not only not helping our nature, but boosting the environmental damage.

Human beings are just remaining as a simple audience opposite a science-fiction film, not replying to the message that some directors or artists have tried to send, nor replying to a grotesque way of commercial- ising the catastrophe by Hollywood. Human beings are, generally, remaining as spectators.

My proposal is a participative installation where two boxes of popcorn are displayed. The first one, the salty one, contains white paper pop corns with statements about the environmental damage, try- ing to make a reflection on the topic. The second box, called the sweet one, is to be filled by viewers that leave their own messages. These would be written on coloured papers where they could state which simple actions would they do to help the disaster to stop.

The idea is to reflect how people can really act against the environmental damage, by knowing the facts (taking salty popcorn) and reacting with new actions (leaving sweet popcorn). Eventually, the salty popcorn box would be empty, while the sweet one gets full of small ideas that, on a global scale, would had lead to the elimination of potential power of nature destruction.

The results of this sentences would be presented on a website at the end of the exhibition:

David López Álvarez | raum&designstrategien



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